Universal Art - TRUTH
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“There is a higher consciousness that encompasses all creation.”
Being receptive to divine grace and open the door to know the existence of God, truth manifests, understanding that this creation can not be the result of chance, but of a supreme intelligence. This manifests itself in such simple examples as the form and content. For example, there could be no ice, but had behind a mold that shapes. Other examples that explain this can be understood that a walnut-shaped brain when it is just good for him or carrots are good for the eyes and the cut can see the shape of an eye, like the blueberry is good for pupil. Other synchronicities and coincidences geometries can be seen in our body. There backbone of our relations with the constellations and the fingers they indicate the 5 elements that make up all matter world (the thicker toe, representing the earth, the water index, ring the longer, the elongated flame fire, the heart is the air and the little finger, the more subtle, ether).